Christmas Party Blog

If you are a small business it can be hard to create a party atmosphere for your staff Christmas party.  Larger companies have the benefit of numbers to help get the party into full swing but if you are looking to give your staff that fun experience then joining a Christmas Party Night at a Legacy Hotel is the ideal choice.

As well as giving your staff the chance to let their hair down, holding a Christmas Party is a valuable way of rewarding them for all their hard work.

Choosing the right location and setting for your party is important to enhance the feeling of value among staff.  A dreary setting, basic food and naff Christmas decorations could leave your staff feeling under-valued and defeat the object of having the party in the first place.

Selecting a memorable evening with a creative festive theme and a delicious meal ensures memories that will be talked about for years to come – and for all the right reasons.   Choosing a venue where smaller businesses can share a party means everyone gets the benefit of the fun atmosphere of big Christmas bash.  That way companies large and small all end up with happy staff – and all companies know that happy staff means better productivity and greater staff retention.

What’s more, choosing a venue where the party is all organised for you can transform organising the Christmas party from the Nightmare before Christmas to a Christmas miracle.

A Christmas Party at a Legacy Hotel provides companies of all sizes with a fabulous location, deliciously festive food and music so you can dance the night away.

Once the party is booked and the excitement is mounting, here are some tips for you to help you survive the office party

  1. Dress appropriately – it may be a party but you are still with your boss so you don’t want to wear anything too revealing
  2. Don’t drink too much – yes have a drink but you don’t want to regret saying or doing something in front of your colleagues
  3. Don’t flirt too much – the office party is not the place to confess your feelings to a colleague, unless you don’t mind rejection or being the subject of the post party gossip
  4. Mingle – take the opportunity to meet and get to know new colleagues
  5. Don’t talk shop – this really is the time to relax and forget work for the evening
  6. Have fun!


To find out more about having a Christmas Party at a Legacy Hotel visit Christmas Parties at Legacy Hotels