Wedding venue selection – What’s right for you and how to recognise it

Choosing your venue is probably the most complicated wedding decision you will have to make.  Sure, selecting the dress is the ‘biggest’ for most brides, (after groom selection that is) but choosing a venue incurs a great many more complicating factors. Whilst every bride agrees that once you find the perfect dress ‘you just know’, is it really the same for the venue… read on to discover some tips and tests for knowing you’ve found ‘the one’.

What to factor in…

For the benefits of this blog let’s assume you have a rough idea of;

  • Guest numbers
  • Whether you want onsite rooms
  • Whether you want the ceremony and reception at the same location

You see… breathe, we are already making progress!  Now, on to the trickier stuff.  The first big question is budget.  Unless you are a serial Julia Roberts style Runaway Bride, you probably haven’t the foggiest idea how much a wedding costs.  Do yourself a favour and start simple.  Many wedding venues these days will do everything they can to try to make things easy for you.  All the Legacy Hotels, for example, have at least one all inclusive package, to which you can then add on to personalise your perfect day.  This means you know you have a starting rate.  Some of the packages, for example the ‘Elizabeth Package’ at the Legacy Rose & Crown Hotel also includes bouquets and table flowers.

Next, do you know ANYONE you trust so entirely that you would let them coordinate your entire wedding day for you?  All Legacy Hotels offer a dedicated Wedding Coordinator to ensure you have nothing to worry about throughout the entire planning process, as well as crucially on the big day itself. This extraordinary service of expert wedding knowledge and advice is included in all packages.  Therefore, anyone you do actually love enough to do it for you, can be stood down, allowed to relax and enjoy the fun and without crashing the budget on hiring a pro.

So now it gets more fun.  You have a budget and you have a new best friend to guide you through.  Next stop, glamourous back drop.  Where do you want to be?  Is a grand country mansion getaway where you see your wedding shoot, or is a more elegant scene to be seen your, well, scene?   For example, the Jane Austen-esque Best Western Plus Angel Hotel in Chippenham, Wiltshire, is located right in the market square and will see you cheered on by well-wishers pausing as they pass, to admire you.  Whilst beyond the graceful filigree gates of the Edward Lutyens designed New Place, Southampton, a glorious fairy-tale seclusion awaits.

It’s also worth considering the current trend for extended stay weddings.  Rarely are nuptials any longer a one-night (ahem) stand.  With friends and family so wide spread it is really appealing to be able to stay on at least an extra night before dashing away on honeymoon, if only for a chance to actually speak to all your guests… trust me there is precious little time on the day.  A resort style property such as Wychwood Park Hotel & Golf Club in Cheshire with its championship golf course will certainly encourage your guests to stick around, or the spa at Crabwall Manor Hotel & Spa– also in Cheshire, will appeal for some post-wedding wind-down.

So how will you know if you really have found ‘The One’.  It’s simple really; just ask yourself these three questions:

  • Can you see it giving you everything you want for your wedding without compromising the budget – will the person paying be crying for all the right reasons on the big day?
  • Are you excited to show the venue off as a reflection of your personal taste and the wedding ‘story’ you want to tell in years to come?
  • Could you bear to be anywhere else as you say ‘I do’?

If the answer is ‘yes’ then you’ve found your venue!