Festive afternoon teas from Legacy

If you are looking for a wonderful way to have a pre-Christmas treat, maybe for a get together with friends and family or a reward after a busy day of Christmas shopping then Afternoon Tea is just the thing – especially a festive themed tea. Afternoon teas are now more of a culinary masterpiece than […]

Christmas Party Blog

If you are a small business it can be hard to create a party atmosphere for your staff Christmas party.  Larger companies have the benefit of numbers to help get the party into full swing but if you are looking to give your staff that fun experience then joining a Christmas Party Night at a […]

Could a hotel Christmas be the solution this year?

The traditional Christmas image of the family all seated around the dining table enjoying the turkey and all the trimmings, never shows the stress and hard work that has gone into producing this seemingly perfect tableau, or the piles of washing up waiting to be done. For whoever is hosting Christmas, the run up can […]